LockDown™ XP

Deter Unauthorized Access to Underground Infrastructure With the LockDown™ XP

Secure Manholes

The device prevents unauthorized entry to underground vaults and critical infrastructure. The LockDown XP also secures grease traps, preventing illegal dumping and fall ins.

For use in

  • Telecommunication facilities
  • Military Installations
  • Research Facilities
  • Universities
  • Laboratory Research Facilities
  • Gas & Electric Utilities
  • Municipalities
  • Parking facilities
  • Highways
  • Commercial grease traps


  • Simple operation, no springs or moving mechanical parts
  • Corrosion-resistant and tamper-resistant
  • 12-gauge stainless steel construction
  • Remote access detection and reporting can be installed for added security

Easy to Install

  • Less than 40 pounds
  • One-person installation in just a few minutes
  • No special tools required
  • No modification of manhole or lid typically required
  • Can be easily and completely removed for unobstructed access to the manhole

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Puck Lock

We specify a proprietary stainless steel puck lock body that comes standard with the Van Lock removable core lock. Its flat face design with hardened steel deters drills, dent-pullers, and picking devices while the unique key helps prevent unauthorized duplication. An Abloy lock core is optional.

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