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Barton Southern, a construction company founded in 1973 by David L. Barton, repaired and rehabilitated underground infrastructure. It was well regarded for the quality of work and ability to solve problems. The company did well in the telecommunications industry and one of its best customers was BellSouth, now AT&T, which owned most of the communications cabling that covered the metro Atlanta area.

Because of a reputation for good work, innovation and problem-solving, BellSouth approached Barton Southern in 1996 to help solve a pressing problem:  Atlanta was hosting the Olympics later that year and BellSouth had miles of critical communications infrastructure that would be vital to the successful operation of the games. They were concerned that terrorists might access their underground vaults via manholes and cut cables to disrupt communications.

A team at Barton Southern went to work to find a solution. They designed and produced a number of workable prototype LockDown™ devices for testing and approval. After several modifications, some 700 manhole security devices were manufactured and installed prior to the lighting of the Olympic cauldron. The LockDowns did their job protecting the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta and LockDown Inc. was born.

Since then, more than 100,000 patented LockDown™ devices have been installed worldwide to restrict access to critical underground infrastructure. They are specified and required at most government and military facilities and are in use at leading technology and communications companies, universities, manufacturing facilities, airports and municipalities around the world. More than 150 military bases, embassies, the Pentagon and the White House all trust LockDown to secure their critical assets. Other installation sites include multiple professional sports stadiums hosting large events such as the Super Bowl.

The LockDown product line has expanded to solve other access problems. We now have proven solutions for preventing copper theft in light poles, access to pull boxes as well as underground enclosures. We can secure most critical infrastructure.

We remain solutions-oriented and innovative. If there is a problem that needs a different solution, we are ready to design protection to prevent theft, vandalism and sabotage of critical infrastructure.



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