LockDry – manhole protection from surface water inflow

Protect underground assets from surface water, spills, dirt and debris

Inflow causes extra expense and jeopardizes your reputation. Manholes are access points to your sanitary and storm sewer systems. They are also a source of inflow—undesirable water and debris adding to your operating costs. There is one decision you can make to eliminate your inflow problem for good: choose the patented LockDry device.

The LockDry is ideal for vaults that don’t need to be secured, but need to be kept free of water and debris. The device uses a neoprene compression gasket to form a tight seal with the top of the manhole frame. This blocks surface water, dirt, debris, fats, oils and greases from entering manholes or vaults.

Typical Types of Customers
Municipal and county governments
Colleges and universities
Commercial and industrial corporations

Manhole protection from surface water inflow - LockDry device stainless steel pan• Manufactured of 16-gauge stainless steel

• Withstands extreme temperatures and heavy loads

• Neoprene gasket creates watertight seal

• No modifications needed for manhole frame or ring

• Corrosion- and tamper-resistant

Made in the U.S.A.

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