Keep Your Manholes Secure With the LockDown™ Security Device

Are there holes in your security? If anything enters your facility from below ground, the answer is “yes.” If those manholes aren’t secured with the LockDown™ device, then your infrastructure is vulnerable.

You control access to your facilities, data and equipment, yet the access points to your communications and data lines or other critical infrastructure are often covered by an unsecured, removable lid.

Prevent unauthorized access, illegal dumping, inflow, sabotage, vandalism and theft of copper or other assets with the LockDown™ device, the premier locking manhole device on the market. The patented LockDown™ is used to secure some of the most sensitive and secure facilities in the world, including military installations, the Pentagon, embassies abroad and the White House. (We are on the GSA schedule.) Our customers also include universities, telecoms, data centers, distribution centers, municipalities, airports, corporations and manufacturers.



• Corrosion-resistant, tamper-resistant 12-gauge stainless steel

• No gears or moving parts: less susceptible to rust and debris

• Durable: 99.99% success rate; only two breaches across 20 years and 70,000+ devices

• Easy to install: one person install in five minutes or less

• Simple removal with the key for unobstructed access

• No modification to manhole usually required

• Lock is protected by unique lock guard

Added security

We recommend Abloy locks. These locks are virtually pick-proof and have patented restricted blanks. In addition, our signature lock guard renders bolt cutters ineffective. Without the key, getting into your vault is extremely difficult.

For an additional level of security, with LightLOC we can provide real-time monitoring so that you’ll know the moment someone is trying to get into a manhole.

Inflow Only?

If stopping inflow only—and not security—is the sole concern, we recommend our LockDry device.

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