Why LockDry?

Keeps vaults dry & free of contaminants (for vaults that don’t need security)

The device uses a neoprene compression gasket to form a tight seal with the top of the manhole frame. This blocks surface water, dirt, debris, fats, oils and greases from entering manholes or vaults.

Reduces Costs

Keeping surface contaminants out reduces waste treatment costs. Dry vaults do not need to be pumped out prior to any maintenance work. Keeping water out of the vault reduces the risk of damage to critical infrastructure.

Easy Installation and Removal

The pan weighs less than 40 pounds and will fit any existing manhole frame (no modification to the frame or vault needed). A stainless steel handle provides fast and easy drop in and lift out.


Sizes range from 20” to 38”

Gas detection

The device can be outfitted with a gas detection port with a self-sealing rubber grommet. This keeps the vault free from inflow but allows maintenance personnel to test for gas before entering the vault.

Solid Construction

Our pans are spun from 16-gauge spun so they won’t corrode, warp or split. Unlike plastic and rubber, they do not become brittle or misshapen over time.

Need Security?

If security is a concern, the LockDown device offers all of the above with the added benefit of protection against unauthorized entry.