Lid-Lock 1000

Locking polymer enclosure cover

Deter unauthorized entry and copper theft from hand holes with the Lid-Lock 1000 locking polymer enclosure cover. Wire theft from in-ground pull boxes, junction boxes, handholes and other enclosures is a common occurrence. This high-density polymer locking cover deters theft and vandalism by preventing unauthorized access. And because the cover is made of a high density polymer, it has no scrap value for potential thieves. The cover is secured with a drill resistant cylinder lock keyed to customer specification with key data maintained by LockDown Inc. The locking mechanism is surrounded by an anodized aluminum cylinder with a weatherproof stainless steel lid.

Typical Areas of Use:

• Telecommunication facilitiesLid-Lock 1000
• Military installations
• Airports
• Universities, school districts
• Laboratory research facilities
• Utility authority assets
• Parking facilities
• Highways and streets
• Sports fields and parks
• Office parks
• Corporate campuses

• Polymer cover has no scrap value
• Easy installation
• No gears or springs
• Corrosion- and tamper-resistant
• Stainless steel and aluminum construction
• Sized to fit existing boxes
• Drill-resistant, stainless steel PolyLock cylinder lock (patent pending)

Easy to Install
• One-person installation takes only a few minutes.
• Little or no modification to the enclosure is required.
• Can be easily and completely removed for unobstructed access to the enclosure with the key.

Made in the U.S.A.

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